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for Sony & Canon cameras

Focus on making the best pictures. This remote is always with you. Fast to connect and easy to use, Shutter is a trusted tool of over 25,000 photo & video creators.

Beautiful & Easy to Use

Shutter gets out of the way so you can focus on what matters the most — capturing beautiful moments.

With our app designed to work with iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, Shutter is always with you.

Whether you are a hobbyist or a creative professional, Shutter makes the work easier and more enjoyable.

Exposure Bracketing (HDR)

Travel · Landscape · Real-Estate

Photographing landscapes or architecture? Your camera can only do so much. Shutter can do the rest.

Bright skies and dark shadows pose a serious challenge for your camera. With Shutter’s multi-exposure automation, you keep your post-processing options open.

Preserve dramatic skies and shadow detail by automating multiple exposures.


Travel · Social Media · Astrophotography · Time-lapse

Intervalometer will transform your travel and social media photography. No more running around to set the self-timer up and jump into the frame. Schedule multiple photos and pose easily.

Our intervalometer can also be used to capture hundreds of frames for astrophotography or for time-lapse. Also in RAW.

Set up the intervalometer and get the best travel photos everywhere you go.

Battery Friendly

We all hate dying batteries. That’s why we’ve optimized Shutter to use as little battery as possible.

When shooting longer sequences, you can lock the screen to preserve power. We will still keep track of the progress. Yep, we thought about those little details, too.

Conveniently check progress when running longer sequences.

For Photo & Video

Everyone benefits from Shutter. As a videographer, you no longer need expensive external monitors. Your phone can do everything. Or even your Watch.

Choose a shooting mode to only show relevant controls.

Customer Reviews

Shutter gives us the features Sony left out

This app works great as an intervalometer for the Sony cameras. I use it for timelapses and for taking multiple astrophotography exposures for stacking. I love not having to bring a physical intervalometer around or pay Sony for a feature that should have been included. Grzegorz, the developer, is also very polite responsive to questions. I am using it on a Sony a7rii.

— Charles Gerhard DeBroglie

Works great while hiking

This app has made controlling my camera so much better! Especially when I’m out and about in the wild

— SeanA0001
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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Still not convinced? You can give Shutter a try and return it if you don’t like it! If you are unhappy with the product, for whatever reason, you can request a refund within 7 days of the purchase.

About Us

We're Kalina & Grzegorz, and we love traveling to secluded places. We also love capturing beautiful moments. Sometimes, when no one is around, it was hard to get a perfect picture of both of us.

That’s why we’ve created Shutter – to make our travel photography easier. It started as a passion project after a visit to the beautiful Swiss Alps. It’s been a faithful companion on countless trips. We even used it to photograph our engagement!